Canaries in the Mine

The saddest aspect of the events of this weekend at Maspero is not that the Egyptian Army killed dozens of Copts. It is that the Army killed dozens of its citizens. Egypt has been coarsened and brutalized by 30 years of Mubarak. There is a need to develop protests that do not end up as riots. Most importantly there is a need to retrain the police so that keeping public order is not a licence to kill.

The Army crossed a threshold. It is straining under the weight of being in government and politics.  To claim that the killings were the result of panicked soldiers is more damning that to simply admit error. No one wants a panicky military.

Last, and saddest of all, is that fact that Copts are often the proverbial “Canary in the mine”. Soon the Army will be killing its citizens regardless of faith. This needs to stop. Egypt needs to be reclaimed, not lost.

One Comment on “Canaries in the Mine”

  1. […] the foolish and the cunning as well as those who died to uplift and those who died to oppress. I wrote two years ago that the saddest aspect of these events was not that the Army killed Copts, but that […]

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