Interfering in Egypt (4)

It is fair to say that all modern communication technology owes a fundamental debt to the 19th Century French mathematician Fourier. A lesser known fact about the great Fourier is that he was an “Egypt Lover”. He supported and championed Champollion in his efforts to decipher the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Over the last six decades of failing rule by the Military Egyptians have come to view the West with suspicion.  A major reason is, of course Israel, as Egyptians have adopted the cause of the Palestinians as their own. Another major reason is the unceasing paranoia flamed by Nasser and sustained by the lesser autocrats who followed him. In this haze of paranoia Egyptians have lost the vision of how many in the West are true “Egypt Lovers”. The 18 days in January 2011 brought that back in stark relief as the world cheered the Egyptians on.

If the Egyptians were to rekindle the lost love affair with the West, but perhaps on a surer footing and with less feelings of humiliation and inferiority, it would be a benefit to Egypt and humanity at large.

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