Underestimating Shafiq

Watching opinion on Twitter can be a very warping experience (or Al Ahram for that matter).  For an antidote note this. A very unscientific survey of potential voters who are not Twitter or Facebook literate (warning: sample is only 2 dozen) reveals a very different picture. Here it is:

1- Shafiq. 46% He is reliable, not embarrassing and he can build modern things. The military will back him and we will end all these confrontations. He will serve 4 years while betters are getting ready. Bas Khalas.

2- Moussa. 33% He wears nice suits and has European connections and a scion of an old known and liked family. But why does he always attack Israel and sound like Nasser sometimes. He can’t possibly want a war, but then we don’t know where he really stands. Better than Shafiq who kissed Mubarak’s ass. And he is old enough not to last too long. Mafish 7aga.

3- Aboul Fotouh. 8% My son insists and swears he is a great man. I am not really sure. I do not trust him or any Ikhwani, they are all liars and worse. But I might not live long and I owe my son my vote. Rabbina Yustur ‘alina.

4- Not voting. 12%. This is a farce. Why couldn’t Egypt put up people who don’t embarrass us. Do you want the world to think we are barbarians after all this revolution. Khalas Ra7it Masr.

Polls (if conducted) will show how accurate this is.

One Comment on “Underestimating Shafiq”

  1. […] him. But even the most modest reading of Egyptian voices would have selected Shafiq as the “Man“. Those who cast Shafiq as “Mubarak 2.0″ blinded themselves to his campaign and […]

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