The Oppressive Brothers

The recent bout of election rhetoric from the Muslim Brotherhood should remind us again that political Islam is first and foremost a political, not a religious or moral movement. The Brothers have pressed God into their service as a precinct captain. God, normally revealed in small mercies and large compassion, is transformed by the Brothers into a hectoring bully whipping the faithful to vote the “right way”.

Whatever happened to not taking God’s name in vain? I guess that is less important than winning a political seat. This is all part and parcel of why the MB is such a dangerous organization. For all the facade of normalcy it  now likes to project, it remains an oppressive, narrow-minded, and singularly dishonest organization. We can accept at our peril the claim that the MB electoral power stems from their presence on the ground and their social outreach. But the reality is that the MB sole trick is to exasperate religious differences and then use them for acquisition of political power.

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