Dumbo Revolutionaries

Many revolutionaries have convinced themselves that they can make demands with the MB in exchange for their votes, and that this would be a better alternative to voting for Shafiq or not voting at all. It is a bit like asking elephants to fly.  You have seen it on the Disney film “Dumbo”, but biology and experience tell you otherwise.

There are 6  reasons why these “negotiations” are futile:

1- The MB has no incentive to give an inch. They believe that the possible outcomes are a Mursi win, a Shafiq disqualification, or a Shafiq win followed by another revolution. The last revolution was very good to them indeed, so the next one might be even better.

2- This is not a democratic organization. It has not been so in 80 years and the idea that it will change now is contradicted by all evidence.  The organization firmly believes in having a divinely inspired truth and that all there is to discuss is tactics as how to achieve that.

3- They had an effective power sharing agreement with Mubarak before and yet wanted more. Why would they agree to a new power sharing agreement now?

4- They, like the military regime, have a history of violence. Whereas the regime declared opponents enemies of the state, or country, the MB is likely to declare opponents enemies of God. Historically, can you name any regime with that attitude that gave an inch to those opposing it, even on minor issues?

5- The MB is an organization and therefore respects and fears only other organizations. Until the revolutionaries have a coherent organization, the negotiations will be nothing more than the MB picking off one potential leader at a time.

6- While power is in the forefront, money is always in the background. The MB would like to replace the network of state patronage and NDP businessmen with their own network, which is even more family-centric than the Mubarak regime. So interlinked by marriage and blood they are that a  meeting of the MB grandees could easily double as a family reunion. Exactly what additional value do the revolutionaries bring to this family?

Those who insist that the “will not be forced to choose between a military dictatorship and theocratic dictatorship” are expressing a fervent hope. But what follows the refusal? History is replete with the examples of military dictatorships that evolved to democracy, but theocratic dictatorships never evolve. The vigil of soldiers will slacken well before the hand of the faithful lets loose.

One Comment on “Dumbo Revolutionaries”

  1. […] but perhaps not to the voters. The revolutionaries are often too sincere for their own good. Their opposition to Shafiq, and joining in the Brotherhood campaign to tarnish him, was a massive error. Shafiq is […]

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