A Nation

There can be no doubt now that Egyptian Copts have evolved into a nation. This is due to both circumstances foisted on them and their own agency. The commemorations of Maspero were a display of their adoption of an ancient Egyptian heritage as a defining feature of that nation. The Papal elections were yet another instance of their nationhood. The Copts were keen on showing transparency and organization that would place them closer to the developed West and farther apart from some of their atavistic Islamist neighbors.

At this critical moment the prayers of the faithful and the hopes of the skeptical may be conjoined toward common goals. The evolution of a nation into a state is a bloody and uncertain business, best avoided by the wise and compassionate. If the Copts extend a hand of patient understanding to their Muslim brethren, and if their  Muslim brethren can recognize the advantages of the Egyptian identity, then all will be well. This is not so hard to do now.  All one needs is to cast an unbiased eye on the region and see how the Arabs  have turned their neighborhoods into slaughterhouses. A stubborn attachment to larger identities exclusively, and to the detriment of the Egyptian identity,  is a call to chaos and a denouement of death.

Let us hope.

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