What Morsi Should Do

Back in June of 2012 the Muslim Brotherhood followers chanted “El Kursi li Morsi” (the chair for Morsi) to urge that the election results be translated into Muhammad Morsi assuming the position of President. That was done. Now Morsi has to perform his duty and be President, most critically not be driven from office by demonstrations.

The author of this blog is no friend of Morsi, but process and law must be respected in the new Egypt or else the country will become unhinged. Morsi, regardless of whatever qualms one may have about him or the election that brought him to power, is President for another 40 months. He has to lash himself to the mast and face the storm.

President Morsi needs to ask himself if he really wishes to be the President of Egypt or remain a follower of the Muslim Brotherhood. The current turmoil will not allow him to be both. The President must rise above his party, assert authority, seduce or charm critics, establish order and turn potential opponents into a loyal opposition. To do so is to assert the power of law and process in a country reeling from the chaotic after effects of revolution. To be a leader is to assume the mantle of the office, its duties, chores, anxieties and majesty. If his heart is not in it, he should bow out and return to being an enforcer for the Brotherhood.

The current troubles give Morsi a chance at greatness, but only if he puts Egypt first. Otherwise, the continuous uncertainty about who he is and what master he serves will leave him a sad footnote in Egypt’s long history.

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