Incitement II

A post from some weeks ago (Incitement) detailed the current atmosphere of incitement against Copts. A few respondents asserted that it was “alarmist”, that in fact the current political leaders do not support such behavior. Perhaps, but they also do not stop it.

A constant feature of religiously motivated incitement in Egypt is that it starts against the Copts and then widens to incitement against all liberal voices. The knife attack on Naguib Mahfouz and shooting death of Farag Fouda attest to that. There is a lesson in this, especially on the day that Pope Tawadros II spoke sparingly but strongly about the doleful constitution.

The current violence in Egypt has a proximate cause in the Islamists desire to ram a constitution through; a retrograde one that discounts the idea of a social contract in favor of divine mandates. It is impossible to underestimate that danger. A government designed to protect the lives of citizens is a vastly different edifice from one designed to further God’s mandate. Egypt need not relive the horrors of such an experiment. It is good and well to condemn such incitement, but a more rational course is to remove the root of it. The ugly incitements against “liberals” by TV-empowered loud mouths is rooted ultimately in the same mentality that produced that constitution. Get rid of one and the other will slink back to where it belongs.

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