What Samira Ibrahim Can Say

Samira Ibrahim, the Egyptian activist, is being honored tomorrow along with 9 other women at the US State Department. The First Lady will be there. Given the flap over what she may have said on her Twitter account it might be useful for her to settle the issue with a few simple remarks, something along these lines will do.

“Thank you for honoring me today with this award. In recognizing me you are expressing faith in the future of my once great country, Egypt.  I come today from an ancient land in the throes of a new revolution. My country has struggled with the effects of decades of misrule and centuries of stagnation.  We have allowed our education to decay and our social discourse to grow crude and divisive in spite of our increased religiosity. I, like many other young Egyptians, have fallen into this trap at times. But it is never too late for any one to change. It is never too late for any woman to stand up for the rights of women and those who are religiously different. We can affirm the rights of the Palestinians without de-humanizing the Jews. We can denounce one crime without denying another.

I stand here with nine other women, nearly half of them are Muslims and almost all of them are not from the West. We all need to forge an authentic path to progress and prosperity, but we can do so without denying the brilliant contributions of the West.  And above all we need to recognize that we will be at last free only when everyone of us is free at last”

One Comment on “What Samira Ibrahim Can Say”

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