Incitement III

It brings no pleasure to have been right twice. In December of 2012 I first warned that anti-Copt incitement will bring a fresh wave of attacks, not by small extremist groups, but by their very neighbors.  In February 2013 I warned that media incitement will eventually bring untold deaths on Egypt.  The situation today, after the crashing fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, remains no better.

The Brotherhood chief incitement agent Safwat Hegazy has allegedly turned turn-coat in custody.  This is not surprising. Perhaps a sudden turn to salvation made him change his mind, more likely is simply cowardice at work. Still this ugly little tale of Hegazy should remind us that history’s wheel continues to turn and the wise would do well to step above its gyrations.

We can’t get teary-eyed about the predicament of the Brothers, not because it is not sad, but because emotions will do little to help any one. But the least we can do is not get caught up in a third wave of incitement against them. For all their faults, and they are aplenty, they are still our brothers well before they became Brothers.

Let us remember that no man is beyond salvation, and none is immune to a fall. Today’s incitement is just as low as yesterday’s. Perhaps this time we can step away from the ledge, before we discover that being right a third time will not cushion the moral or physical fall.

— Maged Atiya

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